Warranty Extend Plans

Warranty Extend Plans

Minter CSTech Pvt. Ltd. has providing the Extended Warranty Pack & Accidental Damage Warranty enhances the coverage and improves the services provided by the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty on the product. Buying a Protection Plan is a smart way to enjoy your product worry-free with complete peace of mind.

Why choose Warranty Plan?

Manufacturers provide the limited warranty on their products for a very limited period. After that period warranty expired, you are at risk of spending thousands of rupees if your product fails and needs a repair or replacement. With the Extended Warranty Pack, you can extend the length of warranty to 1 (one) extra year, thus protect yourself from spending thousands of rupees in the event your product fails.

What We Cover in Warranty Protection Plans

Accidental Damage Cover some of the issues:

  • TFT Screen Damaged
  • Liquid Split
  • Keypad Damaged 
  • Speaker Damaged 
  • Power Button Damaged 
  • Camera Damaged 
  • Ports Damaged 
  • Device Drop Down and Damaged

Extended Warranty Cover some of the issues

  • Software Issue
  • No Power
  • No Display
  • Charging Issue
  • Software Reinstallation
  • Virus Issue
  • Adaptor issue
  • Speaker issue
  • Heating Issue
  • Crashing Issue
  • USB, VGA Ports Issue
  • Camera Issue