Chander Kaushal

 “Business Analyzer”

Experience: 19 Years

Specialty: Business


Sector: IT Rental & Sales

Chander Veer Singh (born 7th Dec 1978), commonly referred to as Chander Kaushal, is a revolutionary Entrepreneur and co-founder of  Minter CSTech Pvt.Ltd. formally named “CS Technology”.

Prior Minter CSTech Pvt. Ltd, Kaushal worked with Multiple Companies. He started own venture in 2011 and served as Business Analyzer .In his 19 years of career, he realize that if people share a passion and have a vision then path converge. Mr.Kaushal always have an idea that if someone help and he helps someone else then it becomes easy to get to the floor.

He is a leading our India practice, he helps an array of clients keep pace with ideas shaping global business leaders. His streamlined approach makes project delivery more sustainable, integrated and analytical.

“So Let`s go together and make somebody`s way easier”


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