Minter CSTech Pvt. Ltd.

Networking Solution

“Minter CSTech” Provides Networking Services on Rent for Events and Conferences, We can help you to make temporary network in your office or your event area. We can makes possible to link your devices and accessing each other on your local computer network, so that equipment, such as printers, computers and a server, can communicate with each other and we can provide Wi-Fi setup for 5,000 Square Feet to 20,000 Square Feet Area, It is smarter and more flexible way to rent network equipment from Minter CSTech.

  • Configuration Support For Router, Firewall and Switches
  • Wireless and Mobility
  • Data Center Networking
  • Performance Optimization
  • Networking Support & Maintenance 
  • Networking Documentation 
  • Penta Scanning 

Local Area Networking solutions

With more than a 9Years of experience, MCPL, is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools and processes to effectively manage your network infrastructure, support key applications and champion the end user support experience. MCPL provides following solutions in this category:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Wireless LAN
  • Configuration Support

Networking and WiFi solutions for events

MCPL provides variety of speeds and connection options for per day events and small events, whether we are providing WiFi connection in a exhibition area, small hall or across a huge field or stadium, our team can help provide you with the expertise, equipment and connection speed needed to bring a great connection to your event.

  • Event Wi-Fi Soultion
  • Event Network / Lan Setup
  • Setting Up VPN
  • Bandwidth Solutions
  • Wi-Fi Setup With Authentication
  • Wi-Fi Portal Authentication with Logo
  • Fixed Wireless Point to Point Bandwidth
  • Fiber-optic Gigabit Bandwidth
  • With 98% Up-time of Internet  
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