sunil kumar

 “Business Analyzer”

Experience: 20 Years

Specialty: IT R&D

Sector: IT Rental

Sunil Kumar (born 22nd –April-1979) With over 20 years of experience in the IT Service Integration Sector and known as Mr. Practical – the straight shooter and co-founder of Minter CSTech Pvt. Ltd. formally named “CS Technology”. Mr. Sunil Kumar as Technical Analysts are trained IT support professionals, who resolve a variety of technical issues relating to their organization’s computer systems, telecommunication network, LANs, WANs and Network Security, whether these components are located onsite or in the field. Organizations are dependent on support analysts to actualize their organization’s potential.

Mr. Sunil experts who provides the foundation of an organization’s Technical Support & New Products awareness as well. Specifically, he is specialist who provides technical support, advice, and assistance to an organization and its customers. As a freelance technical support analyst, he enjoys the benefits of flexibility.

Mr. Sunil Kumar often communicates directly with consumers. They further evaluate user requirements, address technical problems, and they work with engineering and IT staff to provide solutions that can be delivered by various means, such as by phone, email, remote connection or onsite

“So Do Not Ever Be Late, Either Learn or Win”


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